Finding mistakes on your manuscript’s pages, browsing the text for reformatting or alterations and finding a constant balance between storytelling and readability…this is the everyday routine that I love. With my help your text will become shiny and glossy in no time. 

Get the experience, professionalism, and communication you have been seeking in an editor. 

For Copy Editing/Line Editing I Correct: 

-Factual inaccuracies 

-Grammar and punctuation 

-Misuse of words and numerals 

-Turn-around time: 7-10 days, and this comes with my notes on the overall performance of the novel, essay, etc. 

~Who am I? I am a professional copy editor and owner of the copy editing company, Augie's bookshelf. 

~Why should you hire me to help you edit? I have edited the novel “Hug Chickenpenny” for S. Craig Zahler, who has made hit movies such as Brawl in Cell Block 99 and Puppet Master. “Hug Chickenpenny” is being adapted for the big screen, and Jim Henson Co. has signed on for the project. Novel available to purchase in all Barnes and Nobles throughout the entirety of The United States. I have also copy edited the novel “The Megarothke” by Robert Ashcroft. This novel is available to purchase in all Barnes and Nobles throughout the entirety of The United States. My most recent copy editing was for “My Pet Serial Killer” by Michael Seidlinger. It was widely released throughout The United States this past September. ~Why should you hire me to help with your writing? I am a published children's book author, and I have had short stories published in various literary journals, as well. I also specialize in article research and writing. 

Here is a list of my publications: TEXAS LIVING • Online Publication: The State Fair of Texas • Print Publication: Untitled Article about Katherine Anne Porter (TBR March 2019 in the magazine) D MAGAZINE • Contributing Editor: The Dallas 500 • Contributing Editor: D CEO • Online Publication: “WatchGuard Video Building New HQ in Allen” • Online Publication: “Virgin Breaks Ground on New Design District Hotel” • Online Publication: “Craig Hall Expanding His Frisco Office Park” • Online Publication: “A Proud Moment for Dallas’ LBGT Community” • Print Publication: D CEO, “My Passion” (January 2017 Issue) • Print Publication: D CEO, "Sugar Rush" (January 2017 Issue) • Print Publication: D CEO, “My Toughest Challenge” (December 2016 Issue) THE REAL ESTATE REVIEW • Print Publication: Profile on Phill Geheb (Winter 2016 Edition) EATER DALLAS • Online Publication: "13 Dallas Happy Hours with Deliciously Cheap Food" • Online Publication: “11 Dallas Restaurants Where Dessert Steals the Show” • Online Publication: “Dallas’ 10 Best Grown-up Halloween Treats” HOTHOUSE JOURNAL • Print Publication: Short Story, “I Never Asked for Her Name” (05/2016) AUTHORHOUSE • Published Children’s Book: “The Cactus and the Balloon” (08/2009)

Founder of the publishing company, Augie's Bookshelf.